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My name is Steve Garthe, and I’m an author and explorer living in the Pacific Northwest. My books will take readers on exciting journeys where they’ll never know what’s going to happen next. 

Adventures of the Eagle Talon Treasures

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Plot of Adventures of the Eagle Talon Treasure

In order to solve the Eagle Talon Wealth mystery, the group sets sail around the world to begin the long-anticipated quest for buried treasure concealed by ancient templars. As they approach the summit of a mountain, they encounter a series of booby traps that put their lives at risk.

Nj soon enlists the assistance of his pals Ben, Lawrence, and Tim in order to look for the Eagle Talon Treasure, which they learned about while visiting Thompson’s mansion earlier. They embarked on a journey to Italy in order to gain a better understanding of the Templars and their secrets. After their trip to Italy, they return to the United States in order to learn more about the two mystery individuals who have been withholding the truth from Nj and his pals.

Because the closer they got to the truth, the more hazardous the adventure became as they continued their trek across different dimensions, encountering new and exciting personalities who assisted them in their mission to locate the hidden gold. Is it possible for Nj and his squad to reach the prize without coming face to face with their maker?

Will the two enigmatic guys be successful in their attempt to prevent the group from completing their mission? Prepare yourself for a mystery unlike any other, complete with dramatic turns at the end of every page!

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After a long journey, Adventures of the Eagle Talon Treasure is finally here.

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